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Start of a new chapter

You see that space under the rug? That’s the only room I left for my baby to travel home with me!

The other evening was my last night in Cornwall. Have had an amazing year, but the time is right for me to move on up the career ladder and be more of an expert in what I do! I realised though that not all is easy when moving out of Cornwall. Firstly... it’s a long two hour drive... just to get to exeter! Then onwards from anywhere else is just a nightmare. I had packed the car so tight that I couldn’t fit anything else in!! WHAT ABOUT THE DOG???

Yep... I forgot about poor little stanley! It was hilarious watching his back legs and bum trying to wiggle underneath a space I had left for him! I clipped on his seatbelt and made sure he had water and off we went. We stopped a few times and had stretch breaks and finally got to our new lives a good six hours later! Thank you stanley for being so patient and caring! Here’s to our new life together!

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