John Mason

Being a nightclub manager and being locked down during the 2020 pandemic, unable to open and on/off furlough for nearly a year... it gave me more time to focus on what i enjoy, on building more into what beauty i like to see and where my artistic career can take me.

I had an early start in media. I was a young actor in professional shows, tv work and theatre productions across the UK. As an adult, I have been an actor in many films and television pieces. I have been interviewed by Joan Rivers, been on This Morning as a guest and have recently been in a feature film which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

I am a photographer, actor and presenter who just likes to be able to capture a moment, a view... a snapshot of a time and place. An old-fashioned romantic. Its not about perfection or technical capability, its about telling a story... "i enjoy the raw quality of light and dark, ensuring that colour infuses into the frame. Other photographers would photograph the bride and groom... i would be photographing the guests, the cake and the little features of the event which you would otherwise miss."

Landscapes are my passion. I have a certain per-chant for gates. "A gate into a field can tell so many stories. They tease about something more ahead. I plan to explore this more in my future work."

Whatever medium you are looking for or whatever project you are looking to do then get in touch and see whether it would have a synergy to work together.

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