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Fancy walking your dog in wild wilderness?

If someone was to ask me that question... the answer would be a resounding "YES!!" - I love to take my Frug-Tzu (Stanley) on adventures all the time. We have been banana boat racing, on steam trains, the Euro tunnel, countless ferries, light aircraft, the London underground and on numerous busses and in a plethora of cars! We just love spending time together.

So in January this year when i was asked if i would be happy with moving to Cornwall with my job... i jumped at the chance! Come rain or shine... I pack my camera, jump into the car which is already packed with blankets and bottles, human and animal first-aid kits (just in case) and off we go! People must think that it is strange that i don't tend to go to places that don't accept dogs... it's just i like being able to enjoy the time with Stan. He loves it too. Whether it is taking an amazing book down to Port Quinn and leaning back against the rocks whilst Stan plays in the freshwater stream and tried to catch the ripples, going for amazing walks along the coastal paths of Perranporth or walking along the beaches of Saint Michael's Mount... we have found some amazing gems in the last nine months!

Haven Perran Sands has been our base in which we have been exploring from... a GREAT dog place if ever there was one to be found! Bow-Wow Bars (fresh water on tap in barrels labelled as "Doom Bark" outside the Coast Bar and SurfBay Restaurant, with free biscuits too for puppa) or the fact you can take dogs INTO the Coast Bar and enjoy a pizza or fish and chips with your complete family! Whether camping, glamping or staying in a caravan on site (with their dog-friendly vans) it is the perfect place to see all of the phenomenal places to explore with mans best friend! Stanley certainly is my best friend!

I'm going to be putting more of the places which we have discovered online over the next couple of months and i hope that you enjoy exploring them with us as we have enjoyed going to visit them!

If you want to find out more about Haven Perran Sands then you can click on the link below which will take you to the direct webpage for you to be able to start your own Cornish adventure... like us!

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