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A pool with a view! Watergate Bay Hotel Pool and Spa

Spa with a view - Watergate Bay Hotel Pool and Spa

Im luck to live in Cornwall and there are some amazing places to discover. It has taken me six months to discover this gem only fifteen minutes away from my house... funnily enough... it is on the same bay as "Fifteen!" which is Jamie Olivers restaurant. The waters are inviting, the pool also does something which i have LONGED for in recent years and that is that by ensuring that guests are showered and clean before going into the pool, they are able to keep the chlorine levels low and thus... no stinging eyes!

On the second level down, i also got to enjoy their outdoor sauna with sweeping views of the sea and also their Canadian Hot Tub! This was literally a warm tub of water which took me all the way to my chin! No cold shoulders in here!!!

Three of us visited the spa with their £45 offer of three hours in the pool, sauna and tub and then a full three course meal in their restaurant - Zacry's. I tucked into some of the tastiest food which i have had in a long time and it was served by pleasant team all eager to ensure that we had the very best evening!

The secret needs to be let out! This venue needs to be explored by all... my only worry is that the more people who know about it, means that the less time i will have to enjoy it without the crowds of people!!

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