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Face masks and theme parks are a real no go!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Have you been following the posts about face coverings in public? You really must have been under a rock if you have not seen/heard anything... but i decided to give a trip to Thorpe Park and see for myself how the theme parks were holding up to these new covid19 instructions. The park itself was doing very well with the first part of the day... but then things got stupid!!

I was one of the first people to praise Thorpe Park for stopping The Swarm... four people coming out of the control room in full PPE and sanitising the ride.... (i even put a post out on social media about how i felt safe because of these measures ...HOWEVER... from what was a five minute queue when we joined the ride became a 70 minute queue by the time we left! This was because they were so slow. There was no urgency. The park felt over-crowded and there was no social distancing in the queue lines being adhered to OR even being monitored. Not once did someone come and ensure that this was being dealt with and we queued for nearly three hours to get onto Saw because it was just so horrific!

I did complain to TP about the fact that i had to wear a mask and still be charged for photos and as you can see... the screams are real and my face shows that! hmphh.

All i am going to say about it all... MEH! On the plus point... TP have agreed to re-issue my tickets so i can go back on a date when it is going to be quieter as i refused to join some of the queues. Im a massive lover of Thorpe Park. I really do enjoy the park... I am a big Merlin fan too. I just feel that they dropped the ball on a number of points. I know things will get better. I have every faith in their ability and will be going back soon.

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