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It started with a thought...

As you can see from the photo of Stanley and I... we are happy! The reason we are happy is because we are having a holiday together. We are travelling and visiting friends all over the country... intact, we are currently sat in France at my parents place. Its both of our "happy place" - the reason for me is that i can be a kid again. There is something amazing about sitting down and having parents do things for you. For Stanley... it is all about the fact that he can run about in the yard, play with Toby (his uncle - a labrador type thing!) also... we get to just be together and do things we love.

We just got into the car and headed off to France. We didn't plan anything... just booked everything and came over. It is something which i wish we could do on a daily basis... just disappear into the night and visit places all the time and write about it. Who knows... maybe one day we will!

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